A bunch of tough Mudders

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August 12th, 2014

Always willing to get our hands dirty we recently challenged clients and friends of WAVE to compete alongside us in the TOUGH GUY/GAL CORPORATE CHALLENGE.

A suitable amount of trash talk preceded the event and amazingly, six teams made it to the starting line.

Despite a pretty frosty start and icy cold wind it turned into an awesome sunny day. There was plenty of mud and a few ‘armpit high’ lake swims to traverse along with the usual array of cross country running, tunnels, tight ropes and various other army-like obstacles.

It was great catching up with fellow grubby competitors for some long anticipated WARM snarlers and a beer! What an awesome bunch of people and we’re already looking forward to the next event!  The whole day was really well organised and definitely worth doing

Well done to all the teams, great results considering there were 65 teams completing. Results on the day were: 4th – Team Illumination (Advanced Lighting), 16th – Kale Print, 39th – HK Kitchens Juicey, 40th – WAVE Tough Brudders and Sisters from different Mudders, 45th – HK Kitchens Edgebanders, 50th – HK Kitchens Ikons.

- Nicki