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An award-winning independent creative agency.

We exist to create a future where products, services and experiences no longer interrupt people's lives, but improve them. Where businesses don’t just get bigger, but better.

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We've been helping craft the future of New Zealand business since 1994.

Creating what the future ACTUALLY needs.

Actually is the lens we apply to everything we do. Asking ourselves and our clients, how do people actually need this? Is that the actual problem? The actual question? Leading us to unforeseen outcomes that we amplify with the right technology

We fuse our passion for work with wellbeing and flexibility.

Meaning our people show up with a fresh perspective, ready to do what actually needs doing - ready to build brands that have an original and lasting impact on the world.

Ever changing, moving, and shaping for the clients we work with and the needs of tomorrow.

We're Wave Agency. Let's talk.

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