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Victoria Easton Wrinch

Recruitment is hard these days.

Employment in New Zealand is high, and the labour market is fiercely competitive.

We know it can be challenging to engage with prospective employees. Shifting media use means there is less engagement through traditional recruitment mediums. Therefore, your in-house capabilities may struggle to service the multiple communication channels required to reach your audience. Recruitment agencies are brilliant at evaluating talent, but don’t always have the tools to reach out and snag attention.


Our recruitment campaigns have generated over 38,000 job applications. How did we do it?


We understand that people want to work for companies they believe in.

Wave Agency helps you achieve emotional resonance. Through deeper meaning and connection, our campaigns emphasise value beyond the paycheck that any role offers. We work with clients to develop employee value propositions that get to the heart of what makes their organisation great – and encapsulates their organisation’s vision, mission and values.

We blend human centred design with future thinking.

Recruitment advertising by Wave Agency is smart, bold and unique. We’ll connect with your prospective employees on a deeper level. How do we do this? We deep dive on audiences, finding specific insights that drive and motivate behaviour change – helping instil belief and confidence in the organisation.

We help you fish where the fish are.

Our campaigns have spanned every medium: radio, online video, social media, programmatic advertising and more. We use data-driven research to determine the most effective communication channels. Our advertising engages and disrupts. We’ll give you an unfair share of today’s job seekers, and we’ll also speak to people before they’re even looking – ensuring they consider your company to grow their career.

We work from the ground floor to the C-suite. Near or far.

We can help you find talent at any career level. Our creative campaigns are uniquely developed to find the type of employee you need. We are experienced with recruiting staff overseas and encouraging the move to NZ.

We work to your budget and prove your ROI.

We’ll always propose solutions that are right for your budget. And, when you work with Wave Agency, you’ll get regular comprehensive reporting. Our digital strategists will show how your investment has directly generated the leads you need. We continuously optimise throughout the campaign period, making sure every dollar spent yields the best results.

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