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Always-On – the digital marketing strategy that gets results

Jess Blake

Unlock the Power of Always-on Marketing

Imagine a world where your brand is always visible and engaged with your target audience. A world where you're constantly generating new leads and driving sales through multiple platforms. That's the power of always-on marketing.

Always-on marketing is a strategic approach to marketing that keeps your brand top of mind with consumers. It's a marathon, not a sprint. But when you do it right, it can be a powerful way to grow your business and achieve your marketing goals.

Maximise Your Reach: The Advantages of Always-On Marketing

Today, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages from all sides, yet they have more control than ever over when and how they interact with brands.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to adopt an always-on digital marketing strategy. This means being present on the digital channels where your target audience spends their time and consistently providing them with value through informative and engaging content.

The benefits:

· Stay top of mind with potential customers. Even when consumers aren't actively in the market for a product or service, they're still seeing marketing messages featuring your products and services. By being present on the digital channels where your target audience spends their time, you can ensure that your brand is always top of mind.

· Reach a wider audience. Being present on multiple digital channels gives you the ability to reach a wider audience than you could ever reach through traditional marketing channels. You can target your messages to specific demographics, interests, and even behaviours.

· Build trust and credibility. By consistently providing value through informative and engaging content, you can build trust and establish your business as having credibility in your industry. This is essential for converting leads into customers.

· Track and optimise your results. With an always-on digital marketing strategy, you can track and analyse your results to see what's working and what's not. This allows you to optimise your strategy over time and ensure that you're getting the most out of your marketing budget.

How we drive Sales and Revenue with Always-On strategies:

Firstly, we audit your digital performance. We interrogate your channels, audiences, targeting and content frameworks. We use data-driven metrics to make informed decisions based on actual data rather than guesswork or intuition.

We look for strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. From there we create a sophisticated always-on strategy that is focussed on achieving your business goals and ensures efficiency of budget.

Lastly, we continually review and optimise performance. We work with clients to develop benchmarks based on marketing and business objectives, and can build real time dashboards showing performance at any given time.

Our results:

· ZIWI Pets, a premium pet food company, approached us to develop a global always-on strategy spanning three markets to drive brand awareness and target pet owners looking to buy the most nutritious food for their furry friends. The results? We grew website traffic to the ZIWI website 69% year-on-year, driven by 10M impressions, with a Google Ads CTR of 23%.

· We've partnered with New Zealand Certified Builders, crafting a comprehensive always-on strategy that boosts brand awareness, positions NZCB Builders as the top choice for builders, and generates leads from builders looking to join a builders network. Our results? We reached 1.2M Meta users in just one year with NZCB content, increasing website sessions by 7% year-over-year on the same budget.

· Sisterhood Beauty, an ecommerce client selling exclusive beauty products, needed to reach new and existing customers. We crafted an always-on social media strategy that identified potential new customers and paired it with a sophisticated content remarketing strategy that leveraged lookalike audiences. Our results? Social content drove 18% of all online sales for Sisterhood Beauty and made up a whopping 49% of all website traffic.

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