Brother: Developing an ‘honest’ brand platform.

This campaign was a 2 x Winner at the 2023 TVNZ NZ Marketing Awards in the categories ‘Best B2B Marketing Campaign’ and ‘Excellence in B2B Marketing Strategy’. It was also a Supreme Award Finalist.

The challenge:

Brother has been operating in New Zealand for more than 60 years, offering print technology and services as well as craft, sewing and labelling devices for business and home. They worked with Wave to give their brand a major refresh for the local market.

The solution:

These days we are bombarded with advertising that exaggerates the promises of modern technology and focuses on bells and whistles with limited use.

We understood that we wanted to work with Brother to develop a brand platform that was honest and true to who they are.  They knew it was their customers, not their printers, who were the real star players. All customers needed was for their printer to work, and work well.

From this insight, we developed a new brand platform: It just works.

The campaign pulls Brother’s customers to the forefront, showcasing the exceptional and the ordinary of everyday business, with printers given a subtle nod as a background character.

The campaign launched with VOD brand ad, and was supported by print, radio, digital and outdoor.

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Campaign Summary

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We wanted our ad to hero the work our customers do, not the work we do. We’re grateful to have partnered with Wave to take Brother to this exciting place.
Julie Chappell, Brother International (NZ) Marketing Manager

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