OverseerFM: Helping Overseer stand up for farmers.

The challenge:

Overseer exists to enable New Zealand farms to be environmentally and economically sustainable. But, since launch, has faced a perception problem that they’re here to moderate and legislate farmers, and its software decision management tools offering was not fully understood.

The solution:

Through our campaigns we reinforced Overseer's core value proposition, that they are here for the farmers – to support them and their journey to farm better.

Initially, rather than defend Overseer’s position, we created a campaign that proved Overseer is here for farmers. By going against the mainstream media, who constantly point the finger at farmers, we thanked them. With genuine words from the Topp Twins, Buck Shelford, Tony Street and many more grateful New Zealanders, we helped Overseer gain back farmers' respect.

This campaign was then extended and we showed what can happen when a farmer isin the driver’s seat – literally and metaphorically. We partnered with Hayden Paddon, a high-profile NZ rally driver, and filmed him racing an electric car in rural South Island; creating a dynamic piece of content that really grabbed users' attention.

The campaign was rolled out across TV, Video On-demand, Social, Programmatic, Display and Press.

Content production
Brand perception

Campaign Summary

Campaign impressions
across TV, VOD, Digital and Social
Website traffic
Significant uplift in registrations and renewals
Trust levels and NPS
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The campaign celebrates the resilience and ingenuity of Hayden and his work in developing the first race-worthy electric-powered rally car – a world-leading Kiwi invention, not unlike OverseerFM. We’re really thrilled with the work that Wave has done to communicate our message in an engaging way.
Alastair Taylor, Overseer Business Development Manager

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