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Fishserve has spent 25 years dedicated to assisting fishers in managing the intricate quota system and ensuring the sustainability of the fishing industry in New Zealand. They play a vital role in balancing economic growth with environmental stewardship in New Zealand's fisheries. Despite their significant contributions, Fishserve has never publicly shared their story until now.


Fishserve was recognized for their helpfulness, administration, and extensive access to data. However, they still faced some perception issues:

  • Within the industry: Fishers did not fully understand how Fishserve could assist them, nor did they appreciate the innovative solutions Fishserve provided through increasing access to live data.
  • Outside the industry: There was a general misunderstanding of how Fishserve maintained sustainable fishing practices and contributed to a healthy ocean ecosystem.


Through research and workshops, we discovered that sustainable fishing is immensely complex, involving numerous legislative changes and obstacles. Fishers need help navigating these challenges, and Fishserve is a single place where they can find this support. Fishserve simplifies the process by using data and insights to make complex regulations and practices more manageable.


We launched a new brand idea titled "It's all right here," featuring a 2-minute animated film that demonstrates how Fishserve has simplified fishing for the past 25 years. The story visually illustrates the simplification Fishserve has brought to complex challenges and highlights the direction they are heading as a service.

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