Special is for all of us.

The Challenge:

In 2024, building and renovation projects were forecast to drop significantly.
Wave Agnecy were asked to help get ahead of this decline, to keep NZCB builders busy.


When it comes to our homes, kiwis all want something unique, bespoke and special to them.
The problem is the is perception of the price tag that comes with it. But this isn’t the case.
If New Zealanders could understand what’s possible when they work with an NZCB builder, they’d be inspired to begin working on the ideas of their own.


Our campaign ‘Special is for all of us’ showed the variety of unique, creative and quality builds by NZCB builders. Showing that special is not determined by budget, but by a specialist builder.

We created 3 unique case study films, looking at sustainability, smaller foot prints, and renovations across 3 real homes and building projects. Getting an insight into the journeys, the creativity and how NZCB builders made it all possible.

These 3 case studies then came together to create a new brand spot.

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Campaign Summary

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