Tauranga Youth Advisory Group: Outvote Boomers.

Youth Voting Campaign.

After years of being called ‘the me-generation’, New Zealand’s youth have been reacting against Boomers, with two simple words: “Ok, boomer.”

Our client, NZ Youth Advisory Group, noticed a problem. Their relatively passive response wasn’t actually going to change anything, because they were disengaged in NZ’s local elections. So, we created a strategy to leverage this intergenerational battlefield, to increase the amount of youth voting in the 2019 Tauranga local elections.

Aka. Boomerville.

Tauranga had the lowest voter turnout for 18-24s of any major city in NZ’s 2017 general election, with 35% not turning up to vote, vs. Wellington’s 9.8%. We just had to find a way to inform them, and then make them do something about this numerical advantage. We thought the best way to stoke this fire would be to hijack a moment that Tauranga’s youth come together to discuss the big issues - over a beer.

We partnered with Mount Brewing Co. and launched Outvote Boomers. A beer that gave a solution to the hearts, minds and mouths of Tauranga’s youth.  With classic boomerisms such as: “Your generation can’t take a joke”, “You could afford to buy a house if you stopped buying all those fancy coffees”.  We turned cans into billboards and gatherings of mates into plotting guerilla warriors – stimulating apathetic youth into militant local body election voters.

When surveyed, 91% of our Instagram fans voted in the Tauranga election. We also saw a 2% increase in voting from the previous election.

Brand identity
Social media engagement

Campaign Summary

Instagram fans voting in the Tauranga election
of those surveyed
Increase in voting
compared to previous election
Wave achieved what we thought was impossible - motivating young people to get involved in local elections. The 'outvote boomers' campaign exceeded expectations and the results speak for themselves.
Paul Pou - Community Development Manager

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